Why should I donate?

Hosting a Minecraft server isn't cheap. There's a ton of bills, maintenance fees, and service exchange charges that we pay out of pocket monthly to keep the server running the best it can. Whether you're giving us $1 or $100, every donation helps us stick around. 


Will this give me an advantage over other players?

We only offer cosmetic perks and ranks that are within the confines of the Minecraft EULA.
Any perks that are "non-cosmetic" are mainly small quality of life features such as no teleportation timer, extra sethomes, and more claim blocks. 
These are merely from server plugins, and don't offer any significant advantage.


How do I donate without using PayPal?

We currently accept Cash App as an alternative way to donate. You have the option to proceed with this manual payment method at checkout.


I still haven't gotten my rank / perk! What should I do?

Some purchases can take up to 20 minutes before they come into effect.
If you selected the Cash App payment option, it can take up to 24 hours for the process to complete.

If you still didn't receive your items, feel free to contact a staff member to have them sort it out for you.